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It is my life’s vision to see a world with healthier nails.
For that reason, most of my research is focused on finding ways that could really make a difference in people’s lives.
I have developed a simple, yet powerful formula that contains vitamins and plants that have amazing properties – such as curcumin, cat’s claw, garlic, quercetin, pomegranates, or olives.

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Homemade remedies should not be used

When using simpler methods, you can use things from your own home, which makes it very convenient and easy. You’ll see some changes right away from things like apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil, but in the long run, they won’t help you to address the root cause of your nail problems. Often, this is an internal issue, and the remedies that many people choose to take do not fix any of the problems at hand.

Make Sure Your Socks Are Lightweight And Breathable

It is common to overlook socks. In the end, a foot covering is just a piece of fabric, isn’t it? Wrong. Your nails will be able to get enough air to breathe with a good pair of socks. It’s not a good idea to wear polystyrene socks, as they will double the sweating rate. Spend your money on a good pair of cotton or linen socks, which are healthier for your feet and nails, as well as more comfortable.

Cleaning Your Feet And Drying Them

Your feet are probably the least taken care of part of your body, even though it might seem common sense at first. It is essential that you wash your feet thoroughly in the shower with warm water and soap, making sure to focus on your toes and nails. To dry your feet, use a cotton towel after showering. You may have trouble growing nails if moisture remains around your nail bed.

Walking barefoot is not a good idea

You might be tempted to walk barefoot at the pool or even at home. If you decide to go barefoot, wear socks or slippers in order to protect your feet from direct contact with the bacteria on the floor. Whatever space you think is clean, there are always bacteria that remain, and they reproduce very quickly. You should take extra precaution when using public bathrooms such as gym showers or pools.

Nails Should Be Thin

The thickness of your nails is another important factor. Even if you apply hundreds of local remedies to your toes, they won’t work if they cannot penetrate the nail bed. Either you can visit a pedicurist or you can file down your nails at home. To prevent further problems, the file must be clean and disinfected.





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Our capsules are manufactured in the USA, in a certified GMP facility, under sterile, precise and strict conditions.
Keravita Pro capsules contain no GMOs and are safe. Neither contain harmful stimulants nor toxins, nor do they form habits.


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